efd9935423c142dfb92a15dbb13581b3ALUMINUM MODULAR SLIDE GATES:

Our aluminum slide gates come in 4′ sections and fit together to make an extremely strong slide gate.  We engineered our gates to fit on a 4′ pallet to ship easily anywhere in the world.

Here’s How It Works:

1 Measure how long the gate opening is.  The distance between your existing posts or where you plan to put your new posts.

2 Since our gates come in 4′ sections simple figure how many sections you need. Then add on one more section for gates up to 12′ or two more sections for 16′ and 20′ gate. (For example:  My driveway opening is 12′ between existing posts.  I need 4 sections of gate, 12′ for the opening and 4′ for the slide mechanism for a total of 16′ ( 4ea 4′ sections).

3 Place an order for the number of panels along with the Finish kit which includes all the parts you need to finish the gate.

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Links to Complete Gate PackagesLinks to Finishing Parts KitLinks to Individual Gate PartsLinks to Individual Gate sections

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