Cantilever Gate Kit – Alumagate

A cantilever slide gate is not a particular kind of ‘gate’; it is any gate which has been equipped with a cantilever gate kit, enabling a stationary or swinging gate to be opened on a cantilever rigging with rollers. This allows the gate to open and close by rolling from side to side easily, making the use of the gate functional and efficient. A cantilever gate kit can be installed on any type of gate, even one being used for aesthetic purposes only, making it functional immediately. Aluminum or chain-link gating is typically always equipped with a cantilever gate kit to allow for fluidity of motion, as these gates can be quite large.

Cantilever gate kits can be purchased for any size or type of sliding gate, and installation can be done professionally or on a DIY basis, if you are familiar with the process. The wonderful thing about these kits is that they are ideal for anyone who uses a gate regularly for entry or exit, from homeowners to business owners. They can be manually operated or motorized, allowing for control from virtually anywhere. This eliminates the need to get out of a vehicle and open the gate to gain entry, and is a wonderful option for personal or professional use.

Another benefit of this product when it comes to automatic or motorized kits is that motion sensors can be installed to halt the gate in case a vehicle or person in the gate’s path when closing. This is a great safety measure which is simply invaluable. Not only does the cantilever gate kit increase the level of security and safety you have, but it protects those who are using it in innovative ways.

The installation of a cantilever gate kit will save time and money as well, particularly for business which deal with a lot of shipping. When your sliding gate is equipped with the kit you have the ability to get those trucks in and out in half the time you spent doing it before, if not more. Time is money, and in the case of the cantilever sliding gate kit, you simply cannot go wrong by purchasing the kit or kits you need and having them installed as soon as possible. You will find that everyone who uses or accesses your property through it will be grateful for the ease of use and security it provides.

Today it is necessary to protect your numerous investments and interests while making things practical and save time and money, and these can be difficult to do simultaneously. If your home or business will benefit from the installation of a cantilever gate kit, making the use of your sliding gate easier and more efficient, you should definitely make the purchase and get the kit installed today. It is an investment that will bring you out ahead in all aspects, and when you see it work you will be pleased with your choice so get yours now!

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