Aluminum Fence Gate

When it comes to security, convenience, and aesthetics aluminum fencing and gates are an outstanding addition to any property, personal or commercial. Whether you are trying to increase efficiency, improve security, or top off your home’s curbside appeal just right an aluminum fence, gate, or both are the perfect options for you!
Not only are aluminum fence gates and fences affordable, they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Gone are the days when the only aluminum fence gate option you had was of the chain-link variety. Now you can get those and so much more. Whether you are a fully-functioning business looking for convenience and security or you want to tie a proverbial bow on the wall or fencing around your home by adding a gate, you simply must opt for an aluminum fence gate.
Aluminum fence gates which are designed and constructed for end-of driveway use can be as attractive as they are functional. You have amazing design options, the product is strong and durable, and you can have them open in any manner you choose. When it comes to residential use double aluminum fence gates are typically the more popular choice, but you can also find very attractive options in aluminum sliding fence gates which will go perfectly with any fencing you already have or plan to install.
Commercial aluminum fence gates usually slide from side to side. This makes entry quick and efficient for deliveries, parking, and for any other need. While there are a variety of aluminum fence gate types available for commercial use many business opt for the security and visual clarity provided by the aluminum link-type fence gate. They are flexible, durable, and are extremely cost effective and secure for the commercial setting. They can easily be fit with an appropriate cantilever gate kit for manual or motorized use, making entry and exit easy for everyone involved in day to day business.
You can also count on aluminum fence gates to withstand the worst weather conditions while maintaining their strength and visual integrity. They are affordable and easy to install and maintain, and they are attractive and secure. But what about installation, anyway? How simply is it really? The fact is you will be able to hand the installation yourself if you have the experience, the hands, and the tools and equipment you need, however it is best to have the company you purchase your aluminum fence gate from conduct the installation for you. This way you and your new gate are protected in any case of damage or improper installation. Those services will typically come at little to no extra cost with your purchase, and those services should be guaranteed.
If you want to protect your property or your business investments but want easy accessibility that looks good aluminum fence gates are the way to go. You will have the security you need, the time-saving convenience of a sliding or motorized gate, and your investment will pay for itself in no time. Take advantage of the benefits of aluminum fence gates today!

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Aluminum Slide Gate

For my Aluminum Slide Gate and fencing needs I was truly unsure which direction to go. There were so many options, and with it being the first time I considered or made this type of purchase I wasn’t sure which direction to head product wise. After a lot of product research and consideration I made the very best decision I could possibly make for the needs of my business and property; I purchased an aluminum slide gate.

Aluminum slide gates are the perfect entrance and exit option for any property, home or business, which offers the protection of solid, sturdy aluminum gating while combining it with the slide gate, providing quick, easy access to the largest of vehicles. My business sees a lot of shipping and delivery, most of the delivery involving large semi-trucks. Before I finally got my aluminum slide gate delivery trucks got backed up and my fencing got damaged often. Now those issues are all a thing of the past.

Aluminum slide gates are supported upon a heavy-duty track constructed entirely of aluminum but supported by ‘gate trucks’. These are bolted to ‘hanger’ brackets which are bolted to posts. This mounting keeps the bottom of the aluminum slide gate completely level, eliminating the dragging, damage, and extra work which comes with your typical gate entry. This structural design allows the gate to slide open and closed easily; no more dirt or debris in the tracks and no pinch-points to hinder fluidity of movement.

During my research I found there are three different types of aluminum slide gate frames:

Heavy-duty, single track (gates up to 30 feet wide)

These are for the smallest sliding gate entries and provide excellent strength and flow of motion in gate movement.

Structural double-track (gates up to 40 feet wide)

This frame design is ultra-tough, having been fortified through the welding process providing double-track stability and smooth sliding action

Box frame (gates up to 60 feet wide)

These are made for particularly broad gateways, and are resistant to the ‘sagging’ which can occur with similar fence types.

For the needs of my business I went with the box frame, which was the ideal choice for my aluminum slide gate. Now I have completely eliminated the potential for simple damage which perpetuates out of control, and I have managed to improve the level of efficiency in my shipping and receiving department. No more long lines or men jumping out of their trucks to secure the gate; my new aluminum slide gate works wonders, and I expect it to for years to come.

If you are getting ready to put in a new gate unit or replace an old one I highly recommend you go with the aluminum slide gates available at You will save time and a lot of money, and you will find you have compromised nothing in the process. Check out you aluminum slide gate options and purchase the appropriate type for your needs today. You won’t regret your decision for a second!

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